Do You Want to Know What is Hiding in your bed?

19. Jul, 2016

Beware! Do you know what's lurking in your bed?

It's nice to curl up in the bed and couches during this cold times.

But do you know that a typical bed is a breeding ground for millions of dust mites and other harmful microorganisms?

Why Worry about Dust Mites?

House dust mites are tiny, but their effect on some people is huge. The allergic reaction of affected people is initiated by the excretion of the house dust mites.

House dust mites exists in every household. Their excretion can trigger allergic reaction such as itching, reddened skin, tearful eyes or ashtma attacks. The house dust mite allergy is NOT seasonally restricted.

The house dust mites exists in beds. They subsist on scales of dead skin which we all shed regulary, even with the most careful personal hygience. The allergenic substances can also occur in carpets, pillow, blankets and clothing (


Allergenic effect of dust mites and other microorganisms from our bed.

Its Time to Sanitize your Mattress!

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